Vintage Motorcycles Sell Expensive Clothes

Not even Japan is immune to hipster sensibilities, and it’s not uncommon to see all kinds of vintage eye candy outside fashion stores. As you might expect, junk motorcycles, scooters and bicycles are typical, but these bikes decorating a clothing store in Kobe look convincing. That burgundy Harley definitely looks like a daily rider, and… Continue reading Vintage Motorcycles Sell Expensive Clothes

Pure Inebriation: Frozen Beer Is Delightful

Did you know such a wonderful thing as frozen beer existed? Kirin, weaver of our wildest dreams and bestower of our vomit suffused realities, proves that beer innovation doesn’t stop at taxidermied squirrel bottles or hipster flavors like Rogue’s Sriracha Hot Stout. You may be wondering what exactly the heck frozen beer is. Is it… Continue reading Pure Inebriation: Frozen Beer Is Delightful

Opulence. Mitsuoka Le-Seyde Has It.

I really do like Mitsuoka. They’re weird and fun, and it’s impossible to be an automotive enthusiast without appreciating their accomplishments over the years. However, I’m about to say some very bad things about Mitsuoka. Because, with one exception, damn, Mitsuoka makes some ugly automobiles: Like that photo of a baby with Rowan Atkinson’s face, there’s… Continue reading Opulence. Mitsuoka Le-Seyde Has It.

Nankinmachi, Kobe’s Chinatown, Is Magical

I just asked my wife how Kobe’s Chinatown makes her feel. “Hungry,” she replied. Sure enough, me too. Visions of roast ducks dance in my head, like those chickens in Peter Gabriel’s Sledgehammer music video, except slathered with sugary plum sauce. Then I dream of butaman, pork buns, hopping one by one into a baths… Continue reading Nankinmachi, Kobe’s Chinatown, Is Magical

It’s Cocktail Time! Seiko’s Original SARB065 vs the New Presage Cocktail Time

The original Cocktail Time is a cool timepiece with a neat history, having been designed in collaboration with a genuine cocktail mixologist (who knew cocktail mixologists made such great watch designers). Over the years it has proven itself to be a classic, and the vintage vibe is as enticing as ever. Now that Seiko intends… Continue reading It’s Cocktail Time! Seiko’s Original SARB065 vs the New Presage Cocktail Time

The VM180 Zagato Toyota MR-S, and a Brief MR2 History

The Toyota MR2 is a wonderful little mid-engine, rear-drive masterpiece that was conceived back in the ’70s, launched in 1984 and soldiered on for more than twenty years. Mid-engine platforms had been rolling off a number of production lines since the 1960s (and even prior to that in a few micro cars), yet the MR2… Continue reading The VM180 Zagato Toyota MR-S, and a Brief MR2 History

Robot Restaurant Is Surreal and Spectacular

Visiting Robot Restaurant is a mind blowing, near spiritual experience that can’t easily be put into words. Thank goodness they allow photos and videos to be taken inside, because I’m not sure anyone would believe me if I tried to explain this place to them. It’s a fantasy world – a complete, alternate reality the… Continue reading Robot Restaurant Is Surreal and Spectacular