Pure Inebriation: Frozen Beer Is Delightful

Did you know such a wonderful thing as frozen beer existed? Kirin, weaver of our wildest dreams and bestower of our vomit suffused realities, proves that beer innovation doesn’t stop at taxidermied squirrel bottles or hipster flavors like Rogue’s Sriracha Hot Stout. You may be wondering what exactly the heck frozen beer is. Is it… Continue reading Pure Inebriation: Frozen Beer Is Delightful

Welcome to the Gaijindom

The “Gaijindom” is a special state of being in which a foreigner living in or visiting Japan experiences the joy and pain of existing only partially within the boundaries of Japanese society.

This is a blog about weird and wonderful Japan, and my name is Jack. I am the ruler of my personal gaijindom along with my wife, Ayaka.

Stay tuned.