Robot Restaurant Is Surreal and Spectacular

Visiting Robot Restaurant is a mind blowing, near spiritual experience that can’t easily be put into words. Thank goodness they allow photos and videos to be taken inside, because I’m not sure anyone would believe me if I tried to explain this place to them. It’s a fantasy world – a complete, alternate reality the… Continue reading Robot Restaurant Is Surreal and Spectacular

Watch a Live Octopus Get Wrecked in a Fish Market

This was captured at the famous Uontana fish market in Akashi. A word of warning: This video isn’t for the faint of heart. An adorable octopus is going to have it’s beak ripped from it’s body and be stuffed into a bag. It’s horrific. And mouthwatering.

Itasha in the Wild: Anime Cars and Bonus JDM Scandal

Itasha as we know them now have been around in Japan for well over a decade. In a nutshell, they are vehicles lovingly adorned with characters from games, anime, manga and whatnot. While itasha are sometimes decorated quite permanently, they are typically wrapped. As a fiscally responsible adult, I love the concept of wraps, those… Continue reading Itasha in the Wild: Anime Cars and Bonus JDM Scandal

Our Old Neighborhood in Kobe Was So Weird

Our home in Kobe was in a small, peaceful residential area bordered by love hotels and mountainside. On the surface, it was nothing special, just another cluster of homes with just a sprinkling of tiny shops. Beneath the facade, there was a sense of uneasiness – tension, even – as if something very, very bad happened there long ago. This was a neighborhood characterized by voyeurism and paranoia; I never felt alone there, but I knew I was being watched and kept at a distance.

Welcome to the Gaijindom

The “Gaijindom” is a special state of being in which a foreigner living in or visiting Japan experiences the joy and pain of existing only partially within the boundaries of Japanese society.

This is a blog about weird and wonderful Japan, and my name is Jack. I am the ruler of my personal gaijindom along with my wife, Ayaka.

Stay tuned.