One Dollar NATO Straps Are Good

Seems like the whole internet is in a tizzy over late capitalism right now, but I just bought eight NATO straps for the equivalent of less than eight bucks at a Daiso here in Japan. You can’t even buy a Coke for a dollar, amirite? As you will see, this is a big deal. So… Continue reading One Dollar NATO Straps Are Good

Itasha in the Wild: Anime Cars and Bonus JDM Scandal

Itasha as we know them now have been around in Japan for well over a decade. In a nutshell, they are vehicles lovingly adorned with characters from games, anime, manga and whatnot. While itasha are sometimes decorated quite permanently, they are typically wrapped. As a fiscally responsible adult, I love the concept of wraps, those… Continue reading Itasha in the Wild: Anime Cars and Bonus JDM Scandal

Our Old Neighborhood in Kobe Was So Weird

Our home in Kobe was in a small, peaceful residential area bordered by love hotels and mountainside. On the surface, it was nothing special, just another cluster of homes with just a sprinkling of tiny shops. Beneath the facade, there was a sense of uneasiness – tension, even – as if something very, very bad happened there long ago. This was a neighborhood characterized by voyeurism and paranoia; I never felt alone there, but I knew I was being watched and kept at a distance.

Welcome to the Gaijindom

The “Gaijindom” is a special state of being in which a foreigner living in or visiting Japan experiences the joy and pain of existing only partially within the boundaries of Japanese society.

This is a blog about weird and wonderful Japan, and my name is Jack. I am the ruler of my personal gaijindom along with my wife, Ayaka.

Stay tuned.